💻 GitSheet

A dead simple git cheatsheet. Follow @tiivik for updates!

git branch List all local branches.
git branch -a List remote and local branches.
git checkout -b branch_name Create a local branch and switch to it.
git checkout branch_name Switch to an existing branch.
git push origin branch_name Push branch to remote.
git branch -m new_name Rename current branch.
git branch -d branch_name Delete a local branch.
git push origin :branch_name Delete a remote branch.
git log --oneline Show commit history in single lines.
git log -2 Show commit history for last N commits.
git log -p -2 Show commit history for last N commits with diff.
git diff Show all local file changes in the working tree.
git diff myfile Show changes made to a file.
git blame myfile Show who changed what & when in a file.
git remote show origin Show remote branches and their mapping to local.
git clean -f Delete all untracked files.
git clean -df Delete all untracked files and directories.
git checkout -- . Undo local modifications to all files.
git reset HEAD myfile Unstage a file.
git pull --tags Get remote tags.
git checkout tag_name Switch to an existing tag.
git tag List all tags.
git tag -a tag_name -m "tag message" Create a new tag.
git push --tags Push all tags to remote repo.
git stash save "stash name" && git stash Save changes to a stash.
git stash list List all stashes.
git stash pop Apply a stash and delete it from stash list.